Rugs in the Way

Something funny happened to me the other day.  Since after the holidays, I’ve been beating myself up about not having a consistent workout routine.  When I lived on my own I had a solid schedule down.  I’d come home from work and get my workout in right away, so that I would have the whole night left to meet with friends or spend time with Dan.  In early November I moved in with Dan and between moving in and the holidays, working out just got away from me.  The last month or two, I’ve had great intentions and I’d do a yoga video or lift some weights but I just could not get into a constant routine.  The main excuse I kept using and just couldn’t seem to get past was that I could not find a great place in the house to work out how I wanted to.  I had done the 21 Day fix diet and workout to much success a few months ago, so I really wanted to get back into that plan.  The 21 day fix involves workout videos, and videos of course require a television.  We have two TVs in our house – one in the bedroom where there is no room to work out and one in the family room, where there is plenty of space.  The issue with the family room is that we recently bought a large, heavy, thick shag rug that takes up most of the empty space.  It’s really not conducive to doing squats, lunges etc.  Every time I thought of doing the videos I kept coming back to this rug, and my mind would race, trying to come up with ways to solve this dilemma:

“Can we put the rug in another room so that I can workout in the family room?”   No, it’s too big to fit in any other room.               

Maybe I can find just enough room to the side of the rug to work out?”  No, there isn’t enough room and besides, how will you see the tv?

 What if I just roll up the rug each time I work out?”  That rug is heavy and cumbersome, and you lift 5 lb weights.  You KNOW that you will use the fact that you don’t want to roll up the rug today as an excuse not to work out. 

 “What if I just don’t do the exercises that require a lot of movement?”  Umm……….really?!

 And even

“I wish we hadn’t even bought the damn rug!”  You both LOVE that rug.  It was one of your first purchases for the home together.  It’s not the rug’s fault!

Last week Dan was vacuuming and as he approached the rug, he picked up one corner of it, kind of threw it, and it folded up on itself.  He finished vacuuming the area, gave the rug one tug, it set back to where it was, and he was on his merry way.

I was stunned.

How had I missed this simple, obvious solution?  How many weeks had I wasted torturing myself over this seemingly impossible obstacle?

As is typical for me, I was completely overthinking it.  Over time, I had built up the rug in my head to be this prickly thorn in my side, my dragon to slay, an enemy to conquer.  Had I just took a step back, brushed away all of my previous thoughts and looked at the situation with a clear head, I would have saw the rug for what it was – an easily movable pebble in my path.

The other “AHA” moment I experienced was the fact that I didn’t ask for help.  Throughout my life I have held on to this steadfast belief that I can do everything on my own.

I do not need help, ever. 

Asking for help is weak and usually a waste of time because I can do things better on my own.  

Insert foot in mouth.  Had I just communicated to Dan the anxiety that this rug was giving me, he would have helped me solve it quickly.  I held back from talking to him about it because I was embarrassed and ashamed that I was letting something as silly as a rug hold me back from accomplishing my goals.

This entire thing has made me look back.  How many times have I let “rugs” get in my way of doing something I want to do?  How many opportunities have I wasted or let go because I felt I couldn’t get past a hurdle?  Were there solutions that my friends and family could have helped me with, had I just asked?  What else am I holding back in because of shame and embarrassment?

I’m happy to say that I’ve worked out five of the last eight days and each time I give that rug a little tug, I think – “take THAT!”

Krista 1, Rug, 0.





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3 Responses to Rugs in the Way

  1. MilesAway says:

    I love this. Not that you had to go through the mental battle itself but can totally relate!! And so simple and obvious but the way our minds work and OVERwork!!
    Hope you feel relieved and enjoy getting back into the routine 😊💪🏻


  2. pucksaver says:

    Way to go putting this out there, Krista. It’s a great lesson for all of us, especially me.


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