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Nice to Meet You

One of the great joys I have experienced over the last few months is the process of discovering myself.  I’ve always felt that I didn’t have a true personality.  Whenever anyone asked me to describe myself, I would stutter.  Unless … Continue reading

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The List

When my boyfriend Dan and I were in the early stages of dating he mentioned to me that he had written down a list of qualities he wanted in a woman.  My immediate reaction was negative mainly because I had … Continue reading

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Taking risks.  We’ve all read quotes or have heard speeches about how important it is to take risks.  To not be afraid to fail.  To close your eyes, hold your breath and take that leap of faith.  You will never open … Continue reading

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The most difficult part is remembering.  Remembering why I chose to look at my relationship with alcohol. Remembering that I, and only I, made this decision for myself. Remembering that I can choose to change my mind, if I want. … Continue reading

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